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As a metal finishing company we have always striven to be on the cutting edge of technology.  We have never been complacent with our portfolio of finishes and have always been looking towards new possibilities.

In over 25 years of finishing Aluminum and over 20 years of finishing Stainless Steel we have developed a wide range of finishes that can be applied to any and all Aluminum alloys and Stainless Steel alloys.  Not only do we have a wide range of independent finishes, but, we can also combine various finishes on the same part to unlock new possibilities in both styling and performance. 

Whether you are looking to achieve something unique visually, Bright vs Satin : Rugged vs Delicate : Colored vs Clear, or you need durability, Deburring : Smoothing : Heat Resistance : Corrosion Resistance : Longevity, we have the finish for you.

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