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Anodizing is a process developed over 80 years ago that provides a durable, attractive, protective coating that accentuates the aluminum work piece. 


Using an electrochemical bath a controlled oxide coating is grown on the aluminum which effectively stops corrosion, spotting, and discoloration.  This durable and self-repairing coating not only protects aluminum from corrosion but also increases durability and can protect against abrasion. 


Furthermore, coupled with various pre-treatments, the anodic coating can be used to provide a range of gloss/brightness levels (from a matte Satin to Bright) and colors which in particular is presently a major driving force in European styling in the automotive industry.

This cost effective finish has stood the test of time and is used for virtually all applications of aluminum: automotive, heavy truck, architectural, electronic devices, home appliances, aerospace and pharmaceutical.  The versatility and cost effectiveness of aluminum anodizing has made it an almost obligatory coupling for all aluminum applications. 



After years of Research and Development Auto Anodics Inc. has developed an Alkaline / Car Wash Resistant Anodizing / Sealing Process.  Utilizing this advancement, anodized product can withstand pH environments that were previously unheard of.

This is a dramatic development in the field of aluminum Anodizing considering the strenuous demands that O.E.M.s have put on Anodizing companies to resist the aggression of Brushless Car Washes.  These demands are outlined in new O.E.M. specs such as the GMW14665 and this new process was developed as a direct result.

Furthermore, the Auto Anodics Inc. process is unique in that it is not a paint based system.  By incorporating the process into Anodizing, Pre-Sealing and Sealing, a far better yield and consistent product can be achieved while remaining cost competitive.

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