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Coloring of Stainless Steel

Colored stainless steels are not only lustrous but also corrosion and weather resistant. The coloring is achieved through application of a chromium oxide layer; this layer is actually an extension of the substrate precluding any possibility of de-lamination. A variety of colors can be achieved that exhibit hardiness and a life span second to none.  Originally implemented for automotive concerns the possibilities of this finish have lent it to various additional markets including large-scale architectural paneling and roofing.


Coloring of Aluminum

We specialize in two techniques of coloring that can be conducted on Anodized aluminum, dye and electrolytic (two step).



Anodizing aluminum creates a uniform sealed oxide film over raw aluminum; however, colored dyes can be deposited inside this oxide layer prior to sealing.  A great deal of innovation in the past decade has yielded a wide range of dyes, which can suit virtually any application.


Using an electro chemical bath, microscopic amounts of tin is deposited inside the oxide layer providing a range of durable colors.  This two-stage process in our facility can yield a range of browns and bronzes as well as black.

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